• What We Do

    Welcome to our school! We look forward to getting to know you and your child. What will YOUR CHILD gain from our school? The opportunity to:
    -Learn and grow in a place designed and equipped specifically for children.
    -Learn to cooperate and share with other children.
    -Learn to accept guidance from friendly adults.
    -Function as an individual or as a member of large and small motor groups.
    -Learn to try new experiences in an atmosphere that encourages and values children.
    -Learn to love school and his/her teacher.

    What will YOU gain from our school?
    -Support during a joyous and trying time of parenting.
    -A chance to observe your child in a group setting.
    -Access to information on child development from school programs and conference opportunities.
    -A chance to contribute your ideas and talents to your child's school. *An opportunity to make new friends. We invite you to learn more about us and to visit our classrooms soon.


Our cooperative preschool has been in session since 1967. We are located in the Chilson Hills Church, but are not affiliated with the church.

We are a non-profit, non-secretarian organization licensed by the State Department of Social Services and the Michigan Department of Education as a cooperative preschool.

Additionally, we are headed by an Executive Board, consisting of a President, Vice President, Secretary, two Treasurers, Fundraising and a Membership Chairperson. The board meets once a month.


4440 Brighton Rd | Howell, MI 48843

Phone: 810.229.8583

What's a co-op

A parent cooperative preschool is organized by a group of families with similar philosophies who hire a trained teacher to provide their children with a quality preschool experience. The preschool is administered and maintained by the parents on a non-profit, non-sectarian basis. The parents assist the professional teachers in the classroom on a rotating basis and participate in the educational program of all the children.

Each family shares in the business operation of the school, thus making it truly a cooperative venture.Parents, preschool children and their teachers all go to school together and learn together

For Parents gain insight into child behavior by observing other children. They observe how other parents and the professional teachers handle various situations and gain greater understanding and enjoyment of their own children through active participation in their education. They have the opportunity to share their experiences and expertise with others while working together in a cooperative setting.